Characters used by supplied string parsing functions SysUtils unit
type TSysCharSet : char;
The TSysCharSet type is used as a general type for setting special characters during Delphi string parsing functions.
For example, the FindCmdLineSwitch can be configured to search for user defined command line 'switch' value prefix characters.
Related commands
FindCmdLineSwitchDetermine whether a certain parameter switch was passed
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Example code : Override the default Windows Command Line Switch parsing characters
  switchPrefixes : TSysCharSet;

  // Before running this code, use the Run/parameters menu option
  // to set the following command line parameters : *def /abc
  ShowMessage(CmdLine);    // Show the execution command + parameters

  // How many parameters were passed?
  ShowMessage('There are '+IntToStr(ParamCount)+' parameters');

  // Scan for abc and def parameters using the default / and - values
  if FindCmdLineSwitch('abc')
  then ShowMessage('/abc found')
  else ShowMessage('/abc NOT found');

  if FindCmdLineSwitch('def')
  then ShowMessage('/def found')
  else ShowMessage('/def NOT found');

  // Rescan with * and / as the switch prefix characters
  switchPrefixes := ['*','/'];
  if FindCmdLineSwitch('abc', switchPrefixes, True)
  then ShowMessage('*abc or /abc found')
  else ShowMessage('*abc and /abc NOT found');

  if FindCmdLineSwitch('def', switchPrefixes, True)
  then ShowMessage('*def or /def found')
  else ShowMessage('*def and /def NOT found');
Show full unit code
  "C:\Program files\Borland\Delphi7\Projects\Project1.exe" *def /abc
  /abc found
  /def NOT found
  *abc or /abc found
  *def or /def found
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