Converts an integer or floating point number to a string System unit
 procedure Str(const Number { const Width {; var TargetString);
The Str procedure converts an integer or floating point Number into a string, with optional basic formatting control.
By default, floating point numbers are shown in Exponential format, as here:
Specifying a Width guarantees that the output string will be at least that wide, with left blank padding added as appropriate.
When you specify Width, you can also specify Decimals for floating point numbers, which changes the display format to fixed as here:
Both Width and Decimals values may be provided by integer constants or variables.
Related commands
FormatRich formatting of numbers and text into a string
IntToStrConvert an integer into a string
StrToIntConvert an integer string into an Integer value
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Example code : A simple example
  intNumber   : Integer;
  floatNumber : Double;
  text        : string;

  // Assign values to our numbers
  intNumber   := 123;
  floatNumber := 987.654;

  // Display these numbers using vanilla 'Str'
  Str(intNumber, text);
  ShowMessage('intNumber   = '+text);
  Str(floatNumber, text);
  ShowMessage('floatNumber = '+text);

  // Now display using width and decimal place sizes
  Str(intNumber:10, text);
  ShowMessage('intNumber   = '+text);
  Str(floatNumber:10:4, text);
  ShowMessage('floatNumber = '+text);
Show full unit code
  intNumber = 123
  floatNumber = 9.87654000000000E+0002
  intNumber = 123
  floatNumber = 987.6540
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