Repeat statements until a ternmination condition is met
 keyword Repeat(Repeat
 Until Expression
The Repeat keyword starts a control loop that is always executed at least once, and which terminates when the Expression is satisfied (returns True).
There is no need for Begin or End markers - the Repeat and Until keywords serve that purpose.
It is used when it is important that the statements are at least executed once.
The last Statement need not have a ; terminator - it is entirely optional.
Related commands
BeginKeyword that starts a statement block
BooleanAllows just True and False values
DoDefines the start of some controlled action
EndKeyword that terminates statement blocks
ForStarts a loop that executes a finite number of times
UntilEnds a Repeat control loop
WhileRepeat statements whilst a continuation condition is met
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Example code : Display integer squares until we reach or exceed 100
  num, sqrNum : Integer;

  num := 1;
  sqrNum := num * num;

  // Display squares of integers until we reach 100 in value
    // Show the square of num
    ShowMessage(IntToStr(num)+' squared = '+IntToStr(sqrNum));

    // Increment the number

    // Square the number
    sqrNum := num * num;
  until sqrNum > 100;
Show full unit code
  1 squared = 1
  2 squared = 4
  3 squared = 9
  4 squared = 16
  5 squared = 25
  6 squared = 36
  7 squared = 49
  8 squared = 64
  9 squared = 81
  10 squared = 100
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