Shows a dialog allowing the user to select a file Dialogs unit
 function PromptForFileName(var FileName string; { const Filter string; const DefaultExt string;  const Title string; const InitialDir string; SaveDialog Boolean = False }):Boolean;
The PromptForFileName function presents a dialog to the user allowing navigation to, and selection of a file.
If the user presses OK the FileName variable is updated with the full drive/path/filename value for the selected file, and the return value is True.
If the user presses Cancel, no updates are done, and the return value is False.
The remaining parameters are all optional (although parameters used on the right mandate use of the preceding parameters) :
Used to limit the types of file displayed. The format is as follows :
For example, to show only .txt and .pas files :
Text files (*.txt)|*.txt|Delphi files (*.pas)|*.pas
Used to define an extension to add to a new file name (if SaveDialog is True).
Used to give a title to the dialog.
Positions the dialog at a given directory. For example :
'C:Program Files'
Determines whether a new file can be selected for saving.
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Example code : Use this dialog to select a text file
  selectedFile   : string;

  // Ask the user to select a file
  if PromptForFileName(selectedFile,
                       'Text files (*.txt)|*.txt',
                       'Select your project file',
                       False)  // Means not a Save dialog
    // Display this full file/path value
    ShowMessage('Selected file = '+selectedFile)
    ShowMessage('Cancel pressed');
Show full unit code
  { In the dialog, user selects C:\Files\data.txt and hits OK }
  Selected file = C:\Files\data.txt
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