A 32 bit unsigned integer System unit
type LongWord = 0..4294967295;
The LongWord type is an integer holding positive values up to 4294967295. It occupies 32 bits of storage.
The LongInt type is the equivalent 32 bit type for signed integers (-2147483648 to 21474783647).
Related commands
ByteAn integer type supporting values 0 to 255
CardinalThe basic unsigned integer type
Int64A 64 bit sized integer - the largest in Delphi
IntegerThe basic Integer type
LongIntAn Integer whose size is guaranteed to be 32 bits
ShortIntAn integer type supporting values -128 to 127
SmallIntAn Integer type supporting values from -32768 to 32767
WordAn integer type supporting values 0 to 65535
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Example code : Showing maximum and minimum LongWord values
  min, max : LongWord;
  // Set the minimum and maximum values of this data type
  min := Low(LongWord);
  max := High(LongWord);
  ShowMessage('Min long word value = '+IntToStr(min));
  ShowMessage('Max long word value = '+IntToStr(max));

Show full unit code
  Min long word value = 0
  Max long word value = 4294967295
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