Get the default directory (drive plus path) for a specified drive System unit
 procedure GetDir(Drive Byte; var Directory string);
The GetDir procedure stores in the passed parameter Directory string the drive plus path name of the default directory on the specified Drive.
Drive values :
= Default drive
= A: drive
= B: drive
= C: drive
= D: drive
and so on. 
Related commands
ChDirChange the working drive plus path for a specified drive
CreateDirCreate a directory
GetCurrentDirGet the current directory (drive plus directory)
ForceDirectoriesCreate a new path of directories
MkDirMake a directory
RemoveDirRemove a directory
RmDirRemove a directory
SelectDirectoryDisplay a dialog to allow user selection of a directory
SetCurrentDirChange the current directory
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Example code : Getting the directory for the C: drive
  DirName : string;

  GetDir(3, DirName);  // Store C: directory in the DirName variable
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