Gets the attributes of a file SysUtils unit
 function FileGetAttr(const FileName string;):Integer;
The FileGetAttr function returns attributes of the specified FileName.
The returned Integer value will be a bitwise combination of the following independent attributes :
faReadOnly  : Read-only files
faHidden  : Hidden files
faSysFile  : System files
faVolumeID  : Volume ID files
faDirectory  : Directory files
faArchive  : Archive files
faSymLink  : Symbolic link
This function is Operating System dependent. For example, Archive means nothing on Linux.
Related commands
FileSetAttrSets the attributes of a file
FileAgeGet the last modified date/time of a file without opening it
FileSetDateSet the last modified date and time of a file
FileExistsReturns true if the given file exists
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Example code : Create a text file and display its attributes
  fileName : string;
  myFile   : TextFile;

  attrs    : Integer;

  // Try to open a text file for writing to
  fileName := 'Test.txt';
  AssignFile(myFile, fileName);

  // Write to the file
  Write(myFile, 'Hello World');

  // Close the file

  // Get the file attributes
  attrs := FileGetAttr(fileName);

  // Display these attributes
  if attrs and faReadOnly > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is read only')
  else ShowMessage('File is not read only');

  if attrs and faHidden > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is hidden')
  else ShowMessage('File is not hidden');

  if attrs and faSysFile > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is a system file')
  else ShowMessage('File is not a system file');

  if attrs and faVolumeID > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is a volume ID')
  else ShowMessage('File is not a volume ID');

  if attrs and faDirectory > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is a directory')
  else ShowMessage('File is not a directory');

  if attrs and faArchive > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is archived')
  else ShowMessage('File is not archived');

  if attrs and faSymLink > 0
  then ShowMessage('File is a symbolic link')
  else ShowMessage('File is not a symbolic link');
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  File is not read only
  File is not hidden
  File is not a system file
  File is not a Volume ID
  File is not a directory
  File is archived
  File is not a symbolic link
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