Change the working drive plus path for a specified drive System unit
 procedure ChDir(const Directory string);
The ChDir procedure sets the working drive + path values to the supplied Directory.
There are as many working directories as drives on the target machine.
If the directory is invalid, you will get an error such as ElnOutError, and the directory will remain unchanged.
Related commands
CreateDirCreate a directory
GetCurrentDirGet the current directory (drive plus directory)
GetDirGet the default directory (drive plus path) for a specified drive
MkDirMake a directory
RemoveDirRemove a directory
RmDirRemove a directory
SelectDirectoryDisplay a dialog to allow user selection of a directory
SetCurrentDirChange the current directory
ForceDirectoriesCreate a new path of directories
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Example code : Getting and setting the directory for the C: drive
  directory : string;

  // Get the directory for the C drive
  GetDir(2, directory);
  ShowMessage('Default C drive directory = '+directory);

  // Set the C directory to this value
  GetDir(2, directory);
  ShowMessage('Default C drive directory = '+directory);

  // Try to set to an invalid value
  GetDir(2, directory);
  ShowMessage('Default C drive directory = '+directory);
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  The following output is representative, and will necessarily vary
  from PC to PC:
  C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Projects
  C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Projects
  ElnOutError with error 'Invalid file name'
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