A character type guaranteed to be 8 bits in size System unit
type AnsiChar = #0..#255;
The AnsiChar type is used to hold single characters. It is guaranteed to be 8 bits in size.
At the time of writing, it is the same size as Char but the latter may change in the future.
It can be assigned from a character or integer value.
Related commands
AnsiStringA data type that holds a string of AnsiChars
CharVariable type holding a single character
PAnsiCharA pointer to an AnsiChar value
WideCharVariable type holding a single International character
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Example code : Different ways of assigning to and from an AnsiChar
  myChar  : AnsiChar;

  myChar := 'G';                    // Assign from a character constant
  ShowMessage('Letter G = '+myChar);

  myChar := #65;                    // Assign from an integer constant
  ShowMessage('#65 = '+myChar);

  myChar := ^I;                    // Assign from a control char - tab
  ShowMessage('Control '+myChar+' character');

  myChar := Chr(66);                // Using Chr to convert a number
  ShowMessage('Chr(66) = '+myChar);

  myChar := Char(67);              // Using Char as a standard cast
  ShowMessage('Char(67) = '+myChar);
Show full unit code
  Letter G = G
  #65 = A
  Control character
  Chr(66) = B
  Char(67) = C
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