Aborts the current processing with a silent exception SysUtils unit
 procedure Abort();
The Abort procedure stops the current processing and exits to the last exception block. In doing so, no end user message is produced - the abort is silent.
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BreakForces a jump out of a single loop
ContinueForces a jump to the next iteration of a loop
GotoForces a jump to a label, regardless of nesting
HaltTerminates the program with an optional dialog
RunErrorTerminates the program with an error dialog
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Example code : Aborting from a try block
  // Enter a try block
    ShowMessage('Before abort');
    ShowMessage('After abort');
    On E : Exception do ShowMessage(E.Message + ' exception occured');
  ShowMessage('After try');
Show full unit code
  Before abort
  Operation aborted exception occured
  After try
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