Compiler Directive
Determines whether application symbol information is built
{$DefinitionInfo Off}
2 {$DefinitionInfo On}
The $DefinitionInfo compiler directive determines whether Delphi builds symbol definition information, as used by the Delphi browser and code explorer.
By default, Delphi builds the information.
The overheads for keeping $DefinitionInfo on are minimal.
$DefinitionInfo only works when $DebugInfo and LocalSymbols are On.
$DefinitionInfo works in conjunction with $ReferenceInfo when the related $Y directive is used:

$YD = Defs On , Refs Off
$Y-  = Defs Off , Refs Off
$Y+ = Defs On , Refs On

The default value is $DefinitionInfo On
Related commands
$DebugInfoDetermines whether application debug information is built
$LocalSymbolsDetermines what application debug information is built
$ReferenceInfoDetermines whether symbol reference information is built
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