Change the current directory SysUtils unit
 function SetCurrentDir ( const Dir : string ) : Boolean;
The SetCurrentDir function sets the current directory to Dir, returning True if successful.
If the directory does not exist, then getLAstError can be used to get the error code.
Related commands
ChDir Change the working drive plus path for a specified drive
CreateDir Create a directory
GetCurrentDir Get the current directory (drive plus directory)
GetDir Get the default directory (drive plus path) for a specified drive
MkDir Make a directory
RemoveDir Remove a directory
RmDir Remove a directory
SelectDirectory Display a dialog to allow user selection of a directory
ForceDirectories Create a new path of directories
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Example code : Show set and re-show the current directory
  // Show the current directory
  ShowMessage('Current directory = '+GetCurrentDir);

  // Change this value
  SetCurrentDir('C:\Program Files');

  // Show the current directory again
  ShowMessage('Current directory = '+GetCurrentDir);
Show full unit code
   Current directory = C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Projects
   Current directory = C:\Program Files
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