Gets locale values for thread-safe functions SysUtils unit
 procedure GetLocaleFormatSettings ( LCID : Integer; var FormatSettings : TFormatSettings ) ;
The GetLocaleFormatSettings procedure gets the LCID Windows locale global variable values into a TFormatSettings record.
This record is used by the thread-safe versions of a number of data conversion functions - it must be furnished using this function before the conversion function is invoked.
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TFormatSettings A record for holding locale values for thread-safe functions
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Example code : Use of the format settings record
  formatSettings : TFormatSettings;

  // Furnish the locale format settings record
  GetLocaleFormatSettings(LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT, formatSettings);

  // And use it in the thread safe form of CurrToStrF
  ShowMessage('1234.56 formats as = '+
              CurrToStrF(1234.56, ffCurrency, 4, formatSettings));
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   1234.56 formats as ?1,234.5600
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