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  Calendar  Class 
  CalendarWeekRule  Enumeration 
  CultureInfo  Class 
  CultureTypes  Enumeration 
  DateTimeFormatInfo  Class 
  DateTimeStyles  Enumeration 
  NumberFormatInfo  Class 
  NumberStyles  Enumeration 
  RegionInfo  Class 
  StringInfo  Class 
  TextElementEnumerator  Class 
  TextInfo  Class 
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  System.Globalization.StringInfo Class
Calling writeTextBlock The StringInfo has a somewhat misleading name. It provides support for treating a string as a collection of text elements rather than Char elements.
A text element is essentially a single character of a string. However, special text elements called Surrogates and Combining characters, which actually comprise more than one character. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ;
GetNextTextElement  Returns a Text element from the given String
GetTextElementEnumerator  Returns an enumerator for the Text elements of the given String

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