Example program
The example Delphi program is a small application that should prove useful to you as a Windows desktop tool. The author uses this program in his work as a photographer - the screen shot shows it in action.

The program basically provides an editable and extendable tree of nodes, with a set of text associated with each node. Think of it as a set of text files held in a set of folders. Except that it only takes one click to switch between texts (nodes). It remembers which texts you have changed and saves all when you exit, or as you go along.

Click here to download the program and try it out! It is a free unrestricted program.

$3 (2) will buy you the complete source code.

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You are permitted to tailor the code to your uses, and use it as you wish. It is intended as a platform for experimentation, and to Delphi in action in tangibly useful manner.

Earn a refund of this fee

Note that the code is not guaranteed to be free from bugs - please try the application before buying. The only known bug is that the Save button sometimes re-enables after pressing Ctrl-S - a refund is given to the first person to fix this bug. And a refund to the first person to fix subsequent bugs or add functionality that is accepted by Neil. He'll try not to be too fussy!

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