Linking keyword used in many places
 keyword Of(1 Case variable Of ...
 2 type name = Set Of range;
 3 type name = Class Of class type;
 4 var name : Array Of type;
 5 var name : File Of type;
The Of keyword is used as a link in a number of Delphi declarations.
Related commands
ArrayA data type holding indexable collections of data
CaseA mechanism for acting upon different values of an Ordinal
ClassStarts the declaration of a type of object class
FileDefines a typed or untyped file
SetDefines a set of up to 255 distinct values
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Example code : A simple example
  letters : set Of 'a'..'z';

  // Set all of the set values on
  letters := ['a'..'z'];

  // See if a letter is lower case
  if 'g' in letters
  then ShowMessage('g is a lower case letter')
  else ShowMessage('g is not a lower case letter');
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  g is a lower case letter
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