Closes a successful FindFirst file search SysUtils unit
 function FindClose(var SearchResults TSearchRec):Integer;
The FindClose function closes a successful FindFirst (and FindNext) file search. It frees up the resources used by the search in SearchResults.
A FindCLose call is not necessary if FindFirst finds nothing, but must be called if it does, even if a subsequent FindNext call fails.
Related commands
FileSearchSearch for a file in one or more directories
FindFirstFinds all files matching a file mask and attributes
FindNextFind the next file after a successful FindFirst
TSearchRecRecord used to hold data for FindFirst and FindNext
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Example code : Show when to call FindClose
  searchResult : TSearchRec;

  // Try to find regular files matching Unit1.d* in the current dir
  if FindFirst('Unit1.d*', faAnyFile, searchResult) = 0 then
      ShowMessage('File name = '+searchResult.Name);
      ShowMessage('File size = '+IntToStr(searchResult.Size));
    until FindNext(searchResult) <> 0;

    // Must free up resources used by these successful finds
Show full unit code
  File name = Unit1.dcu
  File size = 4382
  File name = Uni1.dfm
  File size = 524
  File name = Uni1.ddp
  File size = 51
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