Gives the whole number of days between 2 dates DateUtils unit
 function DaysBetween(const ToDate, FromDate TDateTime):Integer;
The DaysBetween function subtracts the FromDate from the ToDate, returning the number whole days difference.
The time value of each date is taken account of - only whole 24 hour chunks are counted as whole days.
A whole day does not have to start at 00:00:00.
Related commands
DaysInAMonthGives the number of days in a month
DaysInAYearGives the number of days in a year
DaySpanGives the fractional number of days between 2 dates
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Example code : Find the days difference between two date+time values.
  fromdate, toDate : TDateTime;

  // Set up our date variables
  fromDate := EncodeDateTime(2000, 02, 26, 10, 0, 0, 0);
  toDate   := EncodeDateTime(2000, 02, 29,  9, 0, 0, 0);

  // Display these dates and the days between them
  ShowMessage('From date = '+DateTimeToStr(fromDate));
  ShowMessage('To   date = '+DateTimeToStr(toDate));
  ShowMessage('Whole days difference = '+
              IntToStr(DaysBetween(toDate, fromDate))+' days');
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  From date = 26/02/2000 10:00:00
  To date = 29/02/2000 09:00:00
  Whole days difference = 2 days
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