Converts a TDateTime time value to a string SysUtils unit
1  function TimeToStr ( Time : TDateTime ) : string;
2  function TimeToStr ( Time : TDateTime; const FormatSettings : TFormatSettings ) : string;
The TimeToStr function converts a TDateTime value Time into a formatted time string.
The time is formatted using the LongTimeFormat value, which in turn uses the TimeSeparator value.
Version 2 of this function is for use within threads. You furnish the FormatSettings record before invoking the call. It takes a local copy of global formatting variables that make the routine thread safe.
Related commands
DateTimeToStr Converts TDateTime date and time values to a string
DateToStr Converts a TDateTime date value to a string
LongTimeFormat Long version of the time to string format
TimeSeparator The character used to separate display time fields
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Example code : Converting a time value to a string
  myTime : TDateTime;

  myTime := StrToTime('15:22:35');
  ShowMessage('myTime = '+TimeToStr(myTime));
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   myTime = 15:22:35
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