Determines AM value in DateTimeToString procedure SysUtils unit
  var TimeAMString : string
The TimeAMString variable value is used in the DateTimeToString procedure, and StrToTime function. It qualifies the hour value when the ampm formatting string is used. The position is determined by the formatting string (see the example).
The default value is 'AM' as set by the locale settings.
The default TimeAMString value is taken from the LOCALE_S1159 locale setting.
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TimePMString Determines PM value in DateTimeToString procedure
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Example code : Show AM as Morning
  myDate : TDateTime;
  formattedDate : string;

  myDate := StrToDateTime('09/02/2002 11:03');

  // Format using the default TimeAMString value
  DateTimeToString(formattedDate, 'dd/mm/yyyy  @  hh:nn ampm', myDate);
  ShowMessage('Using default AM value = '+formattedDate);

  // Format using the 'in the morning' value
  TimeAMString := 'in the morning';
  DateTimeToString(formattedDate, 'dd/mm/yyyy  @  hh:nn ampm', myDate);
  ShowMessage('With  changed AM value = '+formattedDate);
Show full unit code
   Using default AM value = 09/02/2002 @ 11:03 AM
   With  changed AM value = 09/02/2002 @ 11:03 in the morning
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