Terminates the program with an error dialog System unit
 procedure RunError ( { ExitValue : Integer } ) ;
The RunError procedure forces an abrupt termination of the current application.
Warning : resources cannot be guaranteed to be freed when calling RunError.
Optionally, the ExitCode variable may be set by passing an ExitValue. This code is returned to the application invoker as the return code from the application.
A dialog is displayed showing the ErrorAddr (where the RunError was executed) and ExitCode values.
After RunError executes, the finalization section of the unit is executed before the program actually terminates.
Warning : use only in exceptional circumstances.
Related commands
Break Forces a jump out of a single loop
Exit Exit abruptly from a function or procedure
ExitCode Sets the return code when an application terminates
Goto Forces a jump to a label, regardless of nesting
Halt Terminates the program with an optional dialog
Abort Aborts the current processing with a silent exception
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Example code : Terminate a program with an error dialog
  // Stop the program with exit code 0

  // The following will not be executed
  ShowMessage('We do not get this far');
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   The program terminates without running the ShowMessage statement. An error dialog is displayed:
   Runtime error    0 at 00452105
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