Generate a random integer number within a supplied range Math unit
 function RandomRange ( const RangeFrom, RangeTo : Integer ) : Integer;
The RandomRange function generates a random Integer number within the range RangeFrom to RangeTo inclusively. *
This provides a more convenient version of the System unit Random function.
Both use a pseudo random number sequence of 232 values. Each time you run your program, the values generated will be the same, unless you reposition the generator to a different part of the sequence using the Randomize or RandSeed functions.
Related commands
Random Generate a random floating point or integer number
Randomize Reposition the Random number generator next value
RandSeed Reposition the Random number generator next value
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Example code : Generate random numbers in a very small range
  i : Integer;
  // Show 5 random numbers in the range 652 to 656
  for i := 1 to 5 do
    ShowMessage('Random number : '+IntToStr(RandomRange(652, 656)));
Show full unit code
   Random number = 652
   Random number = 652
   Random number = 655
   Random number = 652
   Random number = 653
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