Split a drive/path/filename string into its constituent parts FileCtrl unit
 procedure ProcessPath ( const FullName : string; var Drive : Char; var Dir : string; var FileName : string ) ;
The ProcessPath procedure splits a full file name FullName into its constituent Drive, Dir and FileName parts.
Related commands
ExtractFileDir Extracts the dir part of a full file name
ExtractFileDrive Extracts the drive part of a full file name
ExtractFileExt Extracts the extension part of a full file name
ExtractFileName Extracts the name part of a full file name
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Example code : Ask the user for a file name, and show the constituent parts
  selectedFile   : string;
  drive          : char;
  path, fileName : string;

  // Ask the user to select a file
  if PromptForFileName(selectedFile)
    // Display this full file/path value
    ShowMessage('Selected file = '+selectedFile);

    // Split this full file/path value into its constituent parts
    ProcessPath(selectedFile, drive, path, fileName);
    ShowMessage('drive = '+drive);
    ShowMessage('path = '+path);
    ShowMessage('fileName = '+fileName);
Show full unit code
   { The user selects C:\Files\data.txt and hits OK }
   Selected file = C:\Files\data.txt
   drive = C
   path = \Files
   filename = data.txt
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