A pointer to an ShortString value System unit
  type PShortString = ^ShortString;
The PShortString type is a pointer to an ShortString value.
ShortString variables differ from string variables - the latter are referenced by a pointer. So you must use Addr to point to a ShotrString variable, as in the exemple.
Related commands
PString Pointer to a String value
ShortString Defines a string of up to 255 characters
String A data type that holds a string of characters
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Example code : Display a short string using a pointer to it
  myString  : shortString;
  stringPtr : PShortString;

  // Set up our short string
  myString := 'Hello World';

  // Point to our string
  stringPtr := Addr(myString);

  // Display the string using the pointer
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   Hello World
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