Pointer to a Extended floating point value System unit
  type PExtended = ^Extended;
The PExtended type is a pointer to a Extended value.
Pointer arithmetic, such as Inc, Dec can be used on it, for example to navigate a block of Extended values, as in the example.
Related commands
Dec Decrement an ordinal variable
Extended The floating point type with the highest capacity and precision
Inc Increment an ordinal variable
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Example code : Store 3 Extended values in memory and navigate through them
  extPtr : PExtended;

  // Allocate storage for three extended variables
  GetMem(extPtr, 3 * SizeOf(Extended));

  // Fill out these extended variables
  extPtr^ := 123.45;
  extPtr^ := 2.9;
  extPtr^ := 87654321;

  // Now display these values
  Dec(extPtr, 2);
  ShowMessageFmt('Value 1 = %f',[extPtr^]);
  ShowMessageFmt('Value 2 = %f',[extPtr^]);
  ShowMessageFmt('Value 3 = %f',[extPtr^]);
Show full unit code
   Value 1 = 123.45
   Value 2 = 2.90
   Value 3 = 87654321.00
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