Create a new pointer type variable System unit
1  procedure New ( var VariablePointer : Pointer-Type ) ;
2  procedure New ( var ObjectPointer : Object-Pointer; Constructor ) ;
The New procedure comes in two flavours.
The older version is an obsolete method of creating objects (you should now call the class constructor instead).
The first version allocates storage for a pointer type variable VariablePointer.
New is used when the storage is requirement is fixed in size. Use GetMem to dictate the exact storage size allocated.
Related commands
Dispose Dispose of storage used by a pointer type variable
FreeMem Free memory storage used by a variable
GetMem Get a specified number of storage bytes
ReallocMem Reallocate an existing block of storage
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Example code : Allocate memory for a record, and assign to it
  TCustomer = Record
    name : string[20];
    age  : Byte;

  custRecPtr : ^TCustomer;

  // Create a customer record using 'New'

  // Assign values to it := 'Her indoors';
  custRecPtr.age  := 55;

  // Now display these values
  ShowMessageFmt('%s is %d',[, custRecPtr.age]);

  // Now dispose of this allocated record
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   Her indoors is 55
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