Not a real number Math unit
  const NaN = 0.0 / 0.0;
The NaN constant provides a standard undetrmined number value for assigning to floating point variables.
It allows the floating point number to be treated as unassigned.
Related commands
Infinity Floating point value of infinite size
IsInfinite Checks whether a floating point number is infinite
IsNaN Checks to see if a floating point number holds a real number
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Example code : Assign NAN to a number and then test using IsNaN
  float : Double;

  // Set the number to an invalid number
  float := NaN;     // Equivalent to 0.0/0.0

  // Although an invalid number, we can still display it
  ShowMessage('float = '+FloatToStr(float));

  // And we can test to see if it is a valid number
  if IsNaN(float)
  then ShowMessage('float is not a number')
  else ShowMessage('float = '+FloatToStr(float));
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   float = NAN
   float is not a number
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