Gives the natural logarithm of a number System unit
 function Ln ( Number : Extended ) : Extended;
The Ln function takes an integer or floating point Number and gives the natural logarithm of that number.
This is only used for mathematical processing.
Ln has the opposite effect to Exp - the exponent of a number. (2.72 raised to that number power).
Related commands
Exp Gives the exponent of a number
Log10 Gives the log to base 10 of a number
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Example code : Calculate the exponent of 2 and the natural log of the result
  float : Double;
  // Get the natural logarithm of 2
  float := Ln(2);

  // Show this value
  ShowMessage('Ln(2) = '+FloatToStr(float));

  // Get the exponent of this value - reverses the Ln operation
  float := Exp(float);

  // Show this value
  ShowMessage('Exp(Ln(2)) = '+FloatToStr(float));
Show full unit code
   Ln(2) = 0.693147180559945
   Exp(Ln(2)) = 2
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