Delete a section of characters from a string System unit
 procedure Delete ( var Source : string; StartChar : Integer; Count : Integer ) ;
The Delete procedure deletes up to Count characters from the passed parameter Source string starting from position StartChar.
No error is produced if Count exceeds the remaining character count of Source.
The first character of a string is at position 1.
If the StartChar is before the first, or after the last character of Source, then no characters are deleted.

Delete(myString, 5, MaxInt);

  is equivalent to the better performing :

SetLength(myString, 4);
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Example code : Deleting characters from the middle of a string
  Source : string;

  Source := '12345678';
  Delete(Source, 3, 4);    // Delete the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th characters
  ShowMessage('Source now : '+Source);
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