Extracts characters from the right of a string StrUtils unit
 function AnsiRightStr ( const Source : AnsiString; const Count : Integer ) : AnsiString;
The AnsiRightStr extracts characters from the right of a string.
It attempts to return the rightmost Count characters from Source.
If Count exceeds the size of the source, the whole of source is returned.
Related commands
AnsiLeftStr Extracts characters from the left of a string
AnsiMidStr Returns a substring from the middle characters of a string
Trim Removes leading and trailing blanks from a string
TrimLeft Removes leading blanks from a string
TrimRight Removes trailing blanks from a string
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Example code : A simple example
  source, target : AnsiString;
  source := '123456789';
  target := AnsiRightStr(source, 3);

  ShowMessage('Source = '+source);
  ShowMessage('Target = '+target);
Show full unit code
   Source = 123456789
   Target = 789
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