Extracts characters from the left of a string StrUtils unit
 function AnsiLeftStr ( const Source : AnsiString; const Count : Integer ) : AnsiString;
The AnsiLeftStr extracts characters from the left of a string.
It attempts to return the leftmost Count characters from Source.
If Count exceeds the size of the source, the whole of source is returned.
Related commands
AnsiMidStr Returns a substring from the middle characters of a string
AnsiRightStr Extracts characters from the right of a string
Trim Removes leading and trailing blanks from a string
TrimLeft Removes leading blanks from a string
TrimRight Removes trailing blanks from a string
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Example code : A simple example
  source, target : AnsiString;
  source := '123456789';
  target := AnsiLeftStr(source, 3);

  ShowMessage('Source = '+source);
  ShowMessage('Target = '+target);
Show full unit code
   Source = 123456789
   Target = 123
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